The highly effective sympto-thermal method of Natural Fertility Management (NFM) works by by observing the signs of fertility in a woman’s body to either achieve or avoid pregnancy.

Fertility Services

Your fertility naturally

Your fertility is an integral part of your sexuality.  Many popular methods of birth control treat fertility as if it were a disease, using drugs, devices and surgery to “fix” it.  NFM is a natural and effective alternative which treats fertility as a gift. It is based on years of scientific research into human reproduction. Instructors, trained in the physiology and management of human fertility, can help you to achieve your family planning goals.

Simple to use indicators of fertility

The best way to recognise a woman’s fertile phase in each cycle is to observe and record, daily, powerful indicators of fertility – including cervical secretions and basal body temperature.  These indicators enable you, as a couple, to decide when to make love to avoid (or achieve) pregnancy regardless of cycle length.

NFM is also a powerful way for women to understand their bodies better, regardless of their pregnancy intentions, and enables women to better listen to their body’s health needs.

Methods offered

We primarily teach the Symptothermal Method of NFM, but also offer education in using the Lactation Amenorrhea Method where appropriate.

How to learn

To see an NFM teacher through our Agency, couples can book online below to arrange a suitable appointment. We offer both in-person and telehealth appointments.
Alternatively, couples can learn online through the Australian Council of Natural Family Planning by visiting www.acnfp.com.au

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